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Charlie Cronin, a 2022 graduate with an Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness, embodies a unique blend of urban and rural experiences. Born in Geelong, he spent his early years in a motel in Hay, NSW, before moving to Ballarat for high school. While not raised on a farm, Charlie’s familial ties to agriculture, with both grandparents owning farms, ignited his love for the outdoors and hands-on activities. 

Driven by a passion for the farming lifestyle, animals, and machinery, Charlie pursued a career in agriculture, inspired by the ever-present opportunities for learning and the allure of facing new challenges. His fascination with numbers and a keen interest in the financial aspect of farming led him to explore a path that blended practical farming and business, making the journey enjoyable and enriching. 

Choosing Longerenong College was a strategic move for Charlie due to positive reviews, its proximity to home, and a comprehensive agribusiness program that perfectly aligned with his aspirations. Currently in a temporary role as a Header Driver with Beckley Harvesting in Kansas, USA, Charlie’s qualification from Longerenong has proven invaluable, enabling him to contribute effectively to the dynamic and hands-on role. 

Charlie’s passion in the ag industry extends to finance (Agribusiness), as well as sheep and cropping. This intersection of financial acumen and practical farming activities highlights his meaningful contribution to the agricultural sector. For potential Longy students, Charlie emphasises the diverse opportunities the College offers, fostering learning experiences and networking. His advice for graduating students is to carefully consider job offers, encouraging exploration of different farming aspects to find a fulfilling path. 

Charlie Cronin’s journey epitomises the harmonious blend of urban upbringing and agricultural immersion, showcasing how a passion for finance and a love for the land can converge into a fulfilling career in agriculture.