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Tom Walker’s agricultural journey began on the windswept landscapes of Flinders Island, Tasmania, amidst a family-run sheep and cattle farm. The close-knit community, fine wool Merinos, and Hereford and Angus cattle formed the backdrop of his upbringing. However, the insular nature of island life prompted Tom to seek a broader horizon, leading him to Longerenong in Western Victoria. 

Longy became the crucible where Tom’s passion for agriculture transformed. Two years of immersive education in Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management and Cert IV in Wool Classing exposed him to the intricacies of broadacre cropping, a new realm that expanded his agricultural prowess and self-awareness. 

Now a linchpin at Mount Yulong Poll Merinos in Southwest Victoria, Tom’s role encompasses the spectrum of agricultural operations. From day-to-day tasks like drenching and crutching to stud work involving classing and data collection, Tom contributes to the farm’s third-generation legacy. The diverse portfolio includes 60 merino rams, Border Leicester and Kelpie studs, a commercial flock of 9000 breeding ewes, a black Angus cow herd, and 400 acres of annual cereal crops. 

Tom’s passion in agriculture centres on wool production, an ever-evolving journey despite his roots in a wool-producing farm. Longerenong, particularly the Certificate IV in Wool Classing, equipped him with the skills to navigate wool types and sheep classing. Offering sage advice to future Longy students, Tom underscores the importance of decisions for one’s future self and likens opportunities to buses – abundant but requiring proactive boarding. For graduates, he imparts a timeless lesson: “We’re all learners,” encouraging a mindset of perpetual growth in both professional and personal spheres. 

Tom Walker’s narrative encapsulates a journey from island roots to broader landscapes, showcasing the transformative impact of education and the enduring spirit of continuous learning in the agricultural realm.