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Nicholas Roll, embedded in a broadacre cropping family farm between Hopetoun and Rainbow, found his passion for agriculture through childhood play and hands-on work. Graduating from Longerenong College with an Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management and Diploma of Applied Agronomy, Nicholas seamlessly blends theory and practice in his role as a Farm Worker on Granhaven, the family farm that spans over 6000 acres in the Kenmare area. 

Choosing Longerenong for its facilities and positive student feedback, Nicholas appreciated the balance of accessibility and a change of scenery close to his family farm. His childhood fascination evolved into a love for agriculture as a career, where he now applies his qualification daily in planning, budgeting, and hands-on operations at Granhaven. 

As a Farm Worker, Nicholas contributes to the day-to-day operations of Granhaven, primarily focused on broadacre cropping. His passion lies in leveraging new technology to enhance land utilisation and achieve incremental improvements. Nicholas encourages potential Longy students to explore agriculture, emphasising the industry’s myriad opportunities for those willing to apply themselves. For graduating students, he advocates a continuous pursuit of learning and growth in the agricultural field, urging them not to hesitate in seeking guidance when needed. 

Nicholas Roll’s story encapsulates a blend of tradition, passion, and a relentless pursuit of improvement within the agricultural landscape.