Machinery and Equipment


A Victorian Government grant has allowed Longerenong College to acquire brand new machinery for the Longerenong College DATA Farm. Thanks to longstanding pre-existing relationships with key industry suppliers, Longy now has access to the best in broadacre agriculture machinery that will serve the DATA Farm for many years to come. Sourcing a new set of machinery has also presented the college with an exciting opportunity to implement controlled traffic farming practices, by matching machinery widths where possible and reducing soil compaction for increased productivity.


Self-propelled Boom Sprayer

The DATA Farm Patriot 3300 self-propelled boom sprayer boasts a wide 36 metre boom and a 3,785 litre tank. The sprayer is fitted with AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology providing superior spray control, automatic boom height control and AccuTurn software to facilitate automatic and repeatable end-of row turning.

Air Seeder

The Horsch Sprinter 12NT air seeder has a 12 metre bar and a 12,000 litre cart. The air seeder has side shift, to allow for the use of the same Controlled Traffic Farming lines and features specially designed coulter openers in front of a double shoot tyne sowing system. The exact depth control and section control of this machine means greater precision at seeding time and it is well suited to the Longerenong College soil type and climate.  

Variable Rate Fertiliser Spreader

The variable rate SULKY X40+ spreader has the capacity to automate precise fertiliser placement across the Longerenong farm. With a hopper capacity of 3,200 litres and section control functionality, this spreader helps to achieve more efficient fertiliser application in designated management zones. 

Geoprospectors Topsoil Mapper

The Geoprospectors Topsoil Mapper (TSM) uses electromagnetic induction to measure variation in soil types across the farm. Mounted on a Longerenong DATA Farm side-by-side vehicle, the TSM can map the soil to a depth of up to one metre in a single pass without disturbing the soil. These soil maps can then be used to help with site-specific soil management and the zoning of different soil types in paddocks across the entire Longerenong College Farm. 

Side By Side Vehicles

The new Polaris 570 side by side utility vehicles will transport the Geoprospectors Topsoil Mapper and facilitate the capture of soil data. Longy will also incorporate the side-by-side vehicles into all courses, training students to safely operate these vehicles over a variety of terrains and conditions. 


The DATA Farm is equipped with two DJI drones. The DJI Phantom 4 RTK with a 20MP camera and a DJI Matrice 300 RTK with a Zenmuse H20T high resolution thermal camera and a Micasense Altum multispectral camera. These drones will produce high resolution imagery which will identify differences in crop health and point to variations in crop growth with the potential to isolate areas of weeds, pests or disease. Data from these drones will also be incorporated into software to estimate yield and optimise variable-rate prescriptions.

Combine Harvester

The new Case IH combine harvester has been generously made available to Longy College for the first three years of the DATA Farm operation from Case IH Australia. The Combine harvester is fitted with AFS Connect technology, enabling the remote viewing of all of the machine telematics. It will collect harvest data from the DATA Farm including yield, moisture and protein which will be used to inform decision making on-farm. 


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