Up until February 23rd there had only been 2 days above 35 degrees and the average maximum of 29.1 degrees was below the long term average of 29.7 degrees for February.

The final 5 days of the month all topped 35 degrees; pushing the average maximum up to 30.5 degrees by the end of the month.

This final burst of hot weather led to the number of days above 30 degrees (15), 35 degrees (7) and 40 degrees (2) all being slightly above average after all looked like being below average up until the 23rd.

Monthly rainfall of 31.0mm was the highest February total since 2011 (69.2mm) 

This was almost totally due to a thunderstorm on the 7th dumping 29.2mm; the highest daily February total since 37mm on 4th Feb 2010 and the biggest total of any day since 39.2mm on 16th November 2017


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