May rainfall of 67.6mm was the highest total for May since 77.0mm in 1992.
The May total was the highest for a growing season month (April to October) since 108.4mm in September 2016.
The yearly rainfall total for 2019 is now up to 103.4mm - still below the long term average of 140.8mm to the end of May.
The maximum temperature of 10.0 degrees on May 29th made it the coldest May day since 9.0 degrees on 28th May 2000.
Autumn rainfall was in record low territory after March and April, but the above average total for May brought it up to 72.2mm (LTA 93.1mm)
Autumn average maximum temperature of 22.9 degrees was above the long term average of 21.6 degrees, but still cooler than the past 3 autumns which were all over 23 degrees.


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