Latest set of weather graphs for November, plus a few statistics:

  • The 12.8mm of rainfall recorded on December 2nd was the highest daily total since 23.0mm on August 8th.
  • Despite this good start to the month, November still ended up with below average rainfall (22.0mm compared to the long term average of 30.5mm).
  • 7 of the past 8 Novembers have been well below average for rainfall, with 49.4mm in 2017 being the only exception.
  • Yearly rainfall of 308.0mm to the end of November is now well below the long term average of 384.5mm, although it has already matched the entire 2018 total of 307.0mm.
  • Spring rainfall of 52.8mm was less than half of the long term average of 112.7mm, making it the second poor spring total in a row after receiving just 51.4mm in 2018.


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