Weather graphs from Longerenong, plus a few statistics from October:

  • Monthly rainfall of 13.4mm was the lowest since 2015 (4.6mm) and less than one-third of the long term average (41mm).
  • November has already produced as much rain as October after 2 days, with 12.8mm up until 9am today and a further 0.6mm since then.
  • Yearly rainfall of 286mm is now 68mm below the long term average, while it was only 16mm in arrears at the end of August.
  • Growing season rainfall (April to October) of 251.4mm finished below the long term average (283.8mm) after the low totals of September and October.
  • The maximum temperature of 36.1 degrees on the 24th was the hottest October day since the record of 37.9 degrees was set on 5th October 2015.


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