Agriculture is a varied and highly specialised field of study. Despite popular belief, studying agriculture doesn’t mean the only career path you can take is becoming a farmer!

As a rapidly changing industry, the agriculture sector has a variety of jobs on offer. Completing a diploma of agriculture opens up a wide range of possibilities for a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Longy has multiple courses to choose including certificate IV in AgricultureAvailable Courses

Whether you’re new to studying and want to immerse yourself in the world of agriculture or you’re looking to advance your existing skills and specialise in a new area, there are several courses available at Longy for you to choose from, including:

There are also a number of short courses available for experienced agricultural operators including chainsaw operations, shearing and shedhand, agricultural and veterinarian chemical use and weed-stop workshops.

Length of Courses

Agricultural courses at Longy operate on different terms. Full-time courses at Longy range from 1-3 years and require face-to-face attendance. There are also part-time and online options available. Short courses vary from 1-2 days or up to one week.

Career Outcomes

Agriculture is a resilient industry that continues to grow as technology advances. There are an abundance of jobs available for graduates in agriculture across public and private sectors throughout Australia. Career opportunities range across business, science, farming, research, sales and marketing sectors. Some of the most popular careers that come from studying agriculture include:

  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural contractor
  • Farm Manager
  • Animal Genetics Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Financial Service Personnel

Entry Requirements

Before you sign up to do a course in agriculture, there are minimal entry requirements depending on the course you’re interested in. The entry requirements can apply to your level of schooling, completion of VCE, certificates in TAFE and your age.

School subjects that are highly valued include biology, chemistry, economics, maths and business management. For certain courses, you may also be able to gain recognition for skills and knowledge gained through formal training, work experience, life experience as well as credit transfers from other educational institutions.

Studying at Longy College

Longy is much more than just an agricultural college. We have a unique ‘ag-training-in-action’ study model that prepares each student for a successful career in the farming, agribusiness and land management sectors in Australia and around the world. The skills and hands-on experience our students learn provide life-long understanding of their chosen field.

Student Life

Students can expect a balanced study-life at Longy. We offer convenient accommodation and dining options to suit short-term and long-term needs for both local and international students. Full-time students can even arrange to bring their own horse along to stay on campus! We also have recreational facilities including a fully equipped gymnasium with squash courts, an outdoor swimming pool as well as fun year-round social activities for everyone to enjoy!

If you’re interested in finding out more about where a course in agriculture can lead you, contact us on 1800 814 294 or enquire online today. Longerenong College provides a healthy and vibrant learning and social environment where work and play go hand-in-hand to help you pursue your goals.


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