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AGVET CHEMICAL USERS COURSE (Including 1 Day Refresher Course)

This course is designed to show you how to safely use and store Agricultural and Veterinarian Chemicals. This course is recognised nationally and qualifies participants for the Agricultural Chemical Users Permit.

Information and topics covered include types of agricultural pests and weeds, types of agricultural and veterinarian chemicals, safe handling, mixing, application and storage of chemicals, calibration of application equipment and the safe disposal of chemical containers.

This course is for experienced agricultural operators.

Duration: 2 Days


This course is designed for participants wanting to minimise risks in the use of 1080 pest animal bait products for vertebrate pest control. To participate in this course you must have the Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP) endorsed.

Duration: 1 Day


This course is designed for people wanting to learn how to use, care for and sharpen a chainsaw. This course is suited for beginners with little or no experience, who will learn safety aspects of using a chainsaw. The course is popular and requires a maximum of eight people per course.

Duration: 2 Days


The shearer/shed hand course enables participants to carry out the basic skills of shearing, crutching and associated supporting roles within the shearing shed. Included in the training are the skills to correctly set-up a handpiece, grinding combs and cutters, following health and fitness procedures, correctly catch sheep for shearing and the removal of wool. The course also exposes participants to the ancillary board duties carried out by shed hands such as penning up, picking up and skirting fleeces, wool rolling and assisting with wool pressing. This course will give you a comprehensive overview of the requirements of a shearer and/or shed hand.

No previous experience required. Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

Duration: 1 week


This workshop aims to increase awareness of how weeds can be spread via contaminated vehicles or machinery and how the risk of this occurring can be minimised. Key components
of the workshop include examining the mechanisms of weed spread, job planning, minimising vehicle/machinery contamination, inspecting and cleaning vehicles or machinery
of contaminants and legislation. This is a nationally accredited course.

No previous experience required.

Duration: 1 Day

Entry requirements

Contact Longy College for all short course enquires.

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Students enter the course by direct application to Longerenong College. Please contact college Administration (ph: 03 5362 2222).

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