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Longy is much more than an agricultural college — it’s the backbone of a rewarding and fulfilling career.

The skills and hands-on experience that our students learn provide life-long understanding of their chosen field, opening employment and career opportunities in one of the most rapidly changing industries in our nation.

Graduates from Longy have forged careers in a vast array of agriculture and related industries and their training has provided them the platform to do great things, with many becoming leaders in their chosen field.

Don’t take our word for it; read the testimonials from our past students!

Former student Emma Egan

Emma Egan

Studying at Longerenong College provided me with a sound foundation of the Australian agricultural industry. Studying an Advanced Diploma of Agriculture and Diploma of Agronomy, I gained both theoretical and practical ‘hands-on’ skills, as well as the critical thinking skills required in agribusiness decision making. The courses covered a breadth of topics, from business management, which provided entry level accounting and business planning knowledge, through to animal health, and crop physiology and nutrition – All valuable and transferable skills when working across the industry.

My time studying at Longerenong, including international work placement in Canada has provided the experience, knowledge and networks to pave the way to a rewarding career. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work across agriculture in the red meat and horticultural industries in production and private consultancy roles. I have no doubt that I will continue to draw on the skills gained during my time at Longerenong well into the future.

Emma Egan
Agricultural Consultant
RM Consulting Group

Former student Lockie Shaw

Lockie Shaw

Lockie Shaw graduated in 2009 with the Advanced Diploma of Agriculture. Lockie gained employment immediately after graduating from Longerenong College with Elders in Ballarat. He now works with TB White and Sons working with livestock and property in the Ballarat region.

“When I reflect on my time as a student at Longerenong College, they were certainly the most enjoyable few years and set me straight for an exciting career in the agricultural industry. The networking and the people you meet along the way is so valuable, we probably did not appreciate it at the time but certainly do now” Lockie said.

Lockie is married to Gemmah and have a daughter Imogen.

Lockie Shaw
Livestock Agent
TB White and Sons

Former student Mary Raynes

Mary Raynes

Mary grew up on her family’s broadacre property near Donald in regional Victoria which instilled in her a great passion for agriculture.

She graduated from Longerenong College with a Diploma of Agricultural Services before going on to complete Longerenong’s Bachelor of Applied Science, Agriculture.

While still maintaining a hands-on interest in the property, Mary’s career in agriculture began at the former Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, as an Extension Officer for faba beans before she progressed to the role of Barley Industry Development Manager, South Region. Little did she know it at the time, but this initial work within the grains industry paved the way for amazing opportunities just around the corner.

After successful stints with Pulse Australia as Southern Regional Development Manager and Grain Trade Australia as Operations Manager, Mary accepted the role with AEGIC in the capacity of Markets Manager – Barley. Here, she has found herself in another dynamic position within the Australian grains industry with integral national and international industry components that apply technical and commercial facets she credits Longerenong College as laying the foundations laid to her success.

“Longerenong College provides life skills as well as an acute awareness of the many layers of agriculture. There is a camaraderie between students and an opportunity to meet people from across Australia which has been invaluable to me from both a personal and professional perspective.

College combines both hands-on work with academic business skills. Life is all about experiences and one of the important things about Longy is that it provides an opportunity for people who might be reluctant to move from their comfort zones to explore their potential. Agriculture can be your oyster to the world if you want it!”

Mary Raynes
Markets Manager – Barley
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)

Former student Tom Roughead

Tom Roughead

Tom Roughead manages Fox & Lillie Rural’s show floor at its wool store in Melbourne and is keen to expand his career into wool auctioneering. His first try at auctioneering was nerve-wracking, but the wool buyers were very supportive and happy to see an enthusiastic young person getting in having a go.

Tom was raised on a sheep & cropping property in Central Victoria and has always liked working with sheep and wool. Graduating from the Longy Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness at end of 2017, Tom acknowledges he was never the most academic kid at school. “But when I was at Longerenong, I performed a lot better because the school was more focused on what I was interested in”.

“There’s a variety of pathways available, from studying at Longerenong College. I could have gone on to be a farmhand, to an agronomist, to exporting cattle, to what I am now, there are so many different aspects to it. The hands-on experience, knowledge and skills obtained both at Longerenong and on our family farm is invaluable. It’s fair to say my time at Longy has really kick started my career.” Tom said.

Tom Roughead
Rural Show Floor Manager
Fox & Lillie

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