About the DATA Farm

The Longerenong DATA Farm is an exciting new initiative for Longerenong College and the Australian grains industry. The DATA Farm showcases the latest digital agriculture technologies, backed by the Victorian Government. The DATA farm will promote and encourage farmers, students and industry to engage with digital agriculture to enhance on-farm decision making.

A wide range of digital technologies has been added to the existing 1,070 hectare Longerenong College Farm to create the new DATA Farm. More than 30 projects, 250 devices and 500 sensors across the farm will capture more than 30,000 data points each day, enhancing understanding of the many variables of the cropping system.

Future of agriculture

Data points
Data Farm

The DATA Farm Innovation Centre

Visitors to the DATA Farm Innovation Centre can view live data and insights from the Longerenong College farm in a flexible, purpose-built space. The DATA Farm Innovation Centre features an impressive array of AV equipment to easily and effectively present live data from the digital agriculture devices across the farm.

A range of digital sensors, sensor nodes and devices is also displayed to show how data is collected out in the field. The Innovation Centre is an interactive and sensory experience – designed to touch, feel and smell!

Live Data

Coming soon – a selection of data from the many sensors on the DATA Farm.

Benefits of the DATA Farm

 students for the digitalised future of agriculture


The DATA Farm will be integrated into the curriculum of all courses offered at Longerenong College, preparing students for the digitalised future of agriculture. As farms increasingly integrate smart technologies, the insights into these technologies will serve students for years to come. The DATA Farm ensures that Longy students graduate with experience in the latest farming technology, providing them with a competitive advantage in the job market. Whether students are striving towards a digital agriculture career or looking to gain new skills to take home to support the family farm, the Longerenong DATA Farm will provide students with vital tools for the future.

latest technologies in digital agriculture operating


Farmers can visit the DATA Farm Innovation Centre to survey the very latest technologies in digital agriculture operating in a commercial farm environment.

At the Innovation Centre, farmers can assess how digital agriculture technologies can be integrated into their business to improve practices and support sustainable management decisions.

Visit the DATA Farm to see how the many digital agriculture projects present possible solutions to some of the challenges faced by farmers.

 DATA Farm

Industry & Research

Agriculture industry professionals can utilise the DATA Farm as a chance to upskill in new technologies. Industry visitors to the Innovation Centre can discover how making the most of digital agriculture will benefit their clients or their own business.

The 30,000 data points collected at the DATA Farm each day will form an invaluable resource for agricultural researchers. The analysis of this data is expected to provide ground breaking insights into the uses and capabilities of advanced technologies. Researchers can visit the DATA Farm for a glimpse into the future of farming and to inform their research.


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