Giving Back to Longerenong

Longerenong College has a long and proud tradition of providing quality hands-on practical training for over 130 years.

As the college continues to grow & prosper, so does the need to develop modern state-of-the-art infrastructure suitable for 21st century training.

A Deductible Gift Building Fund has been established to help finance the following projects:

  • Chemical Training Centre
  • DATA Farm Machinery Training Centre
  • Shearing Training Centre



Reunite with your fellow graduates through Longerenong College Alumni Association.

Our alumni are dedicated to ensuring that the association between the College and our alumni community is fulfilling, lifelong and active. We’re proud of the contribution our alumni give to their chosen profession, industry, communities and beyond. Our diverse and extensive alumni community is made up of people from every age group and all walks of life. You can even find us all over the globe!

No matter where you are located or when you attended Longerenong College, you are part of our ever-growing alumni family. Students and staff (former and current) and friends of the College are all welcome to be a part of our exclusive alumni community. Membership is automatic and lifelong for all graduates.


Be in the Alumni spotlight.

We are always interested in hearing what you've been doing since you left Longerenong College. If you would like to share what's been happening, we'd like to hear it! Please complete the Online form below. Many of our alumni are renowned in their respective fields both in Australia and overseas.

Did you know that the following people graduated from Longerenong?


  • Longy College alumni David Jochinke

    David Jochinke

    Commenced 1996
    Elected as VFF President, 2017

  • Longy College alumni Leigh Nugent

    Leigh Nugent 

    Commenced 1969
    Former Head Coach for the Australian Olympic Swim Team

  • Longy College alumni David Campbell

    David Campbell

    Commenced 1981
    Lead guitarist with Darryl Braithwaite

  • Longy College alumni Peter Fisher

    Peter Fisher

    Commenced 1952
    Australian Politician, 1972 -1993

  • Longy College alumni Ridley Bell

    Ridley Bell

    Commenced 1967
    Farmer of the Year (NSW) 2010


Support Longy College

Message from the Head of Campus – General Manager Ms. Avril Hogan

In recent years, increased attention has been given to the role of philanthropy in general and in Australian universities in particular. There is a momentum within tertiary institutes to focus on philanthropy to fund projects and initiatives, which up until recently, relied almost exclusively on government funding and other forms of grants. 

Longerenong College welcomes past students and organisations to offer gifts, bequests, grants and funds to help us stay at the agricultural forefront so that we can continue to carve out dynamic futures for our students.

Giving to Longerenong College Alumni is an investment in the future and we greatly appreciate any support you or your organisation may be able to provide.


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